Amphitrite Naval Consultancy brand

Bering Yachts

Bering Semi- Custom Luxury Yachts take pride in achieving a combination of superior design, durable construction and striking levels of luxury.

By incorporating a full displacement hull form, safety and stability in bad weather are guaranteed, while Owners who like spending time in that secluded cove known to selected few, will discover a new level of comfort while at anchor.

Consuption levels are unparalleled leading to surprisingly high autonomy range. Owners used to fiberglass yachts, will see their sailing grounds increase, and feel a sense of adventure and opulence never witnessed before.

As put by the manufacturers, this is the creation of a new caliber of vessel: recreational, semi-custom steel trawlers that provide the maximum in luxury and go-anywhere, do-anything durability.

Exclusive representatives in Cyprus & Greece

Dealers in East Mediterranean Region Egypt, Israel, Syria & Lebanon

Semi-custom Trawlers

Lowest Consumption

Maximum Safety

Amazing Price

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