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Technical services

Condition surveys (pre-purchase, insurance pre-entry, damage).

Professional advice can be provided to clients who wish to purchase a yacht and more particularly when it comes to buying a 2nd hand. Surveys are of primary importance since they can provide potential buyers with an accurate image of the desired yacht prior the completion of the purchase thus protecting them from issues which eventually may turn up being costly to repair. Furthermore, such surveys will also over the requirements of insurance providers providing a cover.

Advice on flag selection and registration procedures.

We are in position to present the clients with various choices on the yacht flagging that would suit better their needs. Our office will carry out all the administration required for a quick and smooth registration.

Annual Maintenance

A very important task that falls under our yacht management services is the annual maintenance of the yachts. Our in-house yacht superintendents conduct general inspections on all yachts under our management twice a year in order to identify and solve problems promptly thus ensuring the smooth performance of the yacht during the high peak season. The deliverable of such inspections, is a comprehensive work list with items to be repaired or to be maintained on a preventive basis and during the out of the water period of the yacht all these items are dealt with in a professional way by our technicians. We are in position to provide a variety of maintenance services ranging from fiberglass repairs and application of anti-fouling to electrical and mechanical equipment, sails and rigging etc.

Preparation of plans, drawings and manuals for yachts.

More often than not, clients request our assistance for the preparation of material which will assist them in the day to day use of the yacht. The lack of drawings, plans or user manuals may pose certain difficulties in this respect our technical department is able to reconstruct or supply what could be missing.

Yacht Valuations for various purposesĀ 

We have the knowledge and experience to conduct valuations for different types of yachts which have been requested with a valuation certificate. Most of the times, such certificates are requested by the authorities and customs for VAT purposes however similar requests there are from banks and insurance providers who wish to have an idea of the value of an asset.

Consultancy and legalities

Agency Services

Yacht Logistics

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