Amphitrite Naval Consultancy brand
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Agency services

Amphitrite Naval Consultancy provides a full range of agency services ensuring the highest standards of attendance and full compliance with industry best practices.

The company is committed in meeting the requirements of yachts owners, charterers, operators and managers and has the skills, resources and infrastructure to offer high level assistance and services for a diversified range of yachts including mega yachts, sailing yachts, monohuls, catamarans and special yachts.

Responding to the demands of local and regional markets, Amphitrite besides port operations may support its clientele by offering general husbandry services or protecting agency services, including repairs and dry docking, coordinating yacht sale and purchase transactions, arranging yacht inspections and technical support, claims handling, besides coordinating crew changes, supplies and deliveries.

Some of our services areĀ 

  • Berthing reservation
  • Crew changes and assistance
  • Provision and fresh supplies
  • Bunkering duty free fuel
  • Immigration and Custom formalities
  • Vip services

Technical services

Consultancy and legalities

Yacht Logistics

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