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Incredible Journey Day 3

Day 3: First of all, you should say a few words about the transition between Fetiye and Bodrum. The current expedition route is one of the longest transitions - more than 120 miles. We left Fetia on the evening of July 29th. The weather was fresh, with a 1,5-meter wave. The transition took more than 10 hours at an average speed of 8 knots. In order to overcome the distance with the hydropower towed hydrophone Haysucat (in 2,2 tons), the yacht consumed about 230 liters of fuel. Our morning of the third day of the expedition became unusual, unlike the previous days, the yacht was still on the move, not anchored in some incredible beauty place. But what was happening was an early rise. At dawn, we left the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and entered the Aegean. In addition, the Turkish coastline became more diverse, and Greek islands crashed on the left board.
A few words about Bodrum. Bodrum is the largest and most active city in the region very hospitable to tourists. Here is everything Turkey is famous for: historical monuments, shipbuilding and sea, and entertainment, but in order more expensive than in other regions of Turkey 🙂. Just after lunch, we went to the final point, envisaged to visit the day's plan - Yalikavak village, which is on the west coast of the peninsula. This place became popular among yachtsmen after the opening of the modern Marina for 600 seats, with a high density of superyachts, and according to their owners of millionaires))). Integrated, sophisticated, without a celebration of crowd and resort hustle with crazy sunsets, delicious restaurants and fashionable boutiques . By the way, just recently one of Novikov's restaurants opened here, we couldn't pass by, which is why the results of the day were decided to spend in Novikov Bodrum. Delicious, stylish and atmospheric!!!

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